“Crises, banks, and financial regulation in Europe” / “Crises, banques et réglementation financière en Europe”

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The course is taught in French and English Financial intermediaries are heavily regulated. This reflects the key role they play in the financing of economies, as well as their propensity to fuel -and suffer from- booms and busts. Financial and banking regulation itself has developed through a succession of cycles, dating back from the emergence of central banks and the later creation of dedicated functions. It results from the interplay of multiple factors grounded in economic, financial and political realities. Through the prism of banks, the course aims at presenting those key features of financial activities that the European banking and financial regulation tries to address, and its economic rationale. It also sheds light on the roles and interactions of the multiple stakeholders. It finally introduces first reflections on an evaluation of the post-crisis reforms, as well as new frontiers such as "Fintech" (and "Regtech") or virtual currencies.